Profile : Verena Thomas

With a great eye and a passion for fashion designs , Verena has once assisted in designing and tailored clothings for a fashion show in Shanghai for a Business Professional Women’s annual event in Singapore. Having to live and work in the UK for an amazing 25 years, Verena Thomas returned to Singapore with invaluable experiences in the managements of multinational corporations and has been regarded as a highly resourceful professional.

Discovering her vested interest in the areas of business while managing companies back in 2009, Verena decided to join the International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry Singapore and have been an active member ever since. She has been appointed as an Assistant Auditor for the period of 2010-2011 and a Honorary Assistant Secretary for two terms. Verena’s direct and active involvements with IWFCIS has lead to her calling in partaking social causes and projects supported by the organization. In mid November 2010, together with the Ann Phua, the President and Frieda Loh, the Honorary Secretary of IWFCIS, Verena had volunteered for a relief mission in Karachi, Pakistan where she experienced great fulfillment and purpose in distributing water membranes, food, necessities and supplies to the girls’ home and the village in Menzarabad.