Profile : Ann Phua

Ann has been in business for over 30 years after working in the field of international fashion where she managed the setting up of factories in India, Taiwan and Singapore as well as distribution outlets in the US, UK, and Germany. Ann’s first business was in the fashion trade; manufacturing, retailing and exporting to Europe, USA and Japan for brands like Penhouse, Chanel, Saks, Di-Bari, and Schissers. More

Her academic background in Management Studies, and as a certified IDP facilitator, led her to develop and write several training manuals on sales and management as well as to introduce outdoor experiential training to corporations and schools. Her training and development business expanded to Indo-China focusing on education services for non-native English speaking students.

Ann’s passion for nature and her community involvement sparked the creation of Nature Conservation and Environmental education for schools, engaging students on environmental issues and climate change long before they became mainstream topics. Ann publishes several travel, business and environmental magazines: Travelmart, Executive Inc, Hemispheres, and Hemispheres Kid.

Ann’s expertise on business and environmental issues sees regular requests, both locally and internationally, to speak at conferences and seminars. She is a board member of Singapore Council of Women Organisation, past-President of Business and Professional Women’s Association-3rd. Chapter and 3rd. Vice President of the Federation of Singapore Business and Professional Association.