Board Members (2016-2018)

  •  01 – Ann Phua, President

    President: Ms Ang Swee Ann (Mrs Ann Phua)

    Ann has been in business for over 30 years after working in the field of international fashion where she managed the setting up of factories in India, Taiwan and Singapore as well as distribution outlets in the US, UK, and Germany. Ann’s first business was in the fashion trade; manufacturing, retailing and exporting to Europe, USA and Japan for brands like Penhouse, Chanel, Saks, Di-Bari, and Schissers…more
  •  02 – Lim Yen Lan, 1st. Vice President

    1st. Dep President: Ms Lim Yen Lan

    Yen Lan began her legal career with the Housing and Development Board in Singapore. She has been in private practice for over 28 years specializing in conveyancing and family matters. She has several publications to her credit including co-editor for the 1st edition of the Singapore book “YOU and the LAW” and, writing the section on property. She has also co-authored the booklet “Legal Status of Singapore Women”…more
  •  03 – 2nd Dep President, Maria Boey

    2nd Dep President: Ms Maria Boey Yuet Mei

    Maria Is a Town Planner and Urban Designer who has planned Tampines Town which won the World Habitat Award in 1991 for Housing and Development Board, Singapore. She planned Pasir Ris Town which is another attractive town by the coast. She is present Hon. Sec. and Activities Chair for the Singapore Institute of Planners….more
  •  04 – Elsa Lim, Secretary

    Secretary: Ms Elsa Lim

    Elsa Lim was a public relations consultant with major PR consultancies before making a mid-career switch to become a financial planner for close to 15 years. In 2016, her interest in helping individuals to improve their relationship with money led her to start her own online coaching practice,…more
  •  05 – Asst Secretary, Azeeza Jalaluddin

    Assistant Secretary: Ms Azeeza Jalaluddin

    Chinese educated from the age of 6, Azeeza is effectively multi-lingual in Mandarin, Tamil, Malay and English, making her a natural people connector in the global business market, where she matches ideas, services and solutions with people, partners and collaborators…more
  •  06 – Treasurer, Jasmine Chan

    Treasurer: Ms Jasmine Chan

    Dr. Jasmine Chan started her entrepreneur journey at age 16 and received a National Youth Achievement Award from the President of Singapore, Dr. Tony Tan in 2011. With 10 years of experience creating new businesses in IT, branding and marketing, Dr Chan is now the founder and Managing Director of ABCi (Asia Business Central International)….more
  •  07 – Annie Chan, Asst Treasurer

    Asst Treasurer: Ms Annie Chan Peck Hoon

    A veteran in the area of event planning and operations, Annie is the founder and Managing Director of Red Box Events Pte Ltd, handling media and event projects for major clients, among them the (then) Community Chest of Singapore, government agencies and multinational corporations…more

  •  08 – Cassiopea Yap, Board Member

    Board Member: Ms Cassiopea Yap

    Cassiopea Yap, is an entrepreneur and founder of Infinity Fragrance & Gift Pte Ltd. She is also the first to receive the IWFCIS Xtraordinary Women Award 2012 for her business achievements as well as her active community involvement in programmes that help the sick and elderly. Cassiopea established her company….more
  •  09 – Verena Thomas, Board Member

    Board Member: Ms Verena Thomas

    With a great eye and a passion for fashion designs , Verena has once assisted in designing and tailored clothings for a fashion show in Shanghai for a Business Professional Women’s annual event in Singapore. Having to live and work in the UK for an amazing 25 years, Verena Thomas returned to Singapore with invaluable experiences in the managements of multinational corporations and has been regarded as a highly resourceful professional….more
  •  10 – Board Member, Elaine Teh

    Board Member: Dato Elaine Teh

    After graduating with a double degree in Economics and Japanese from the University of New South Wales, Dato Elaine embarked on a career in retail management, travel, technology and telecommunications. She was also an investor and partner in a business that provided intelligent business systems for banks and schools…more
  •  11 – Sharifah Fazzeleen, Board Member

    Board Member: Ms Sharifah Fazzeleen

    Sharifah is the founder and Managing Director of Flare Wellness, an organic beauty business that delivers beauty and wellness solutions to women around the world with the click of a button. Flare Wellness provides treatments and products that are all free of chemicals and animal testing and that are customised to customers’ skin types…more
  •  12 – Board Member, Angelica Mistica

    Board Member: Ms Angelica Mistica

    Anjelica graduated with a double degree in Social Science and Social Work in Australia, and went on to become an entrepreneur with several businesses. She founded HRD, an Australian consulting firm that specialises in Workcover, Health and Safety services for the manufacturing, construction, hospitality, transport and service industries…more