Board Members (2018-2020)

  •  01 – Annie Chan, Chairman

    Chairman: Ms Annie Chan Peck Hoon

    Founder / Director
    Red Box Events Pte Ltd
    The Madame M

  •  02 – Ann Phua, President

    Immediate Past President/Advisor: Ms Ang Swee Ann (Mrs Ann Phua)

    Hemisphere Foundation

  •  03 – Lim Yen Lan, 1st. Vice Chairman

    1st. Vice Chairman: Ms Lim Yen Lan

    Yen Lan & Associates
    Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore
    Commissioner for Oaths / Notary Public

  •  04 – 2nd Vice Chairman, Jasmine Chan

    2nd Vice Chairman: Ms Jasmine Chan

    Founder & Chairman
    Asia Business Central International (Global) Organisation Ltd

  •  05 – Marie Ang Honorary Secretary

    Honorary Secretary: Ms Marie Ang

    Solomon’s Guild Pte Ltd
    Founder & Managing Director

  •  06 – Joy Hou Asst Honorary Secretary

    Asst Honorary Secretary: Ms Joy Hou

    Principal Psychologist / Founder
    EmpathyWorks Psychological Wellness

  •  07 – Maria Boey Honorary Treasurer

    Honorary Treasurer: Ms Maria Boey Yuet Mei

    Vice President (Architectural)
    Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd

  •  08 – Jenny Ho Asst Honorary Treasurer

    Asst Honorary Treasurer: Ms Jenny Ho

    Founder / Wellness Advocate
    Jenny Wellness Cottage

  •  09 – Elsa Lim, Board Member

    Board Member: Ms Elsa Lim

    Founder / Author
    Money Fit Coach

  •  10 – Adelyn Lee Board Member

    Board Member: Ms Adelyn Lee

    Pandora Box Play Therapy
    Accredited Play Therapist with Play Therapy International (PTI)

  •  11 – Angeelia Phua Board Member

    Board Member: Ms Angeelia Phua

    Founder/Principal Trainer
    PrzenC Image Club
    FSWM Academy

  •  12 – Jennifer Lim Board Member

    Board Member: Ms Jennifer Lim

    Author, Founder and Principal Coach
    Thy Dreams Matter™

  •  13 – Ng Xinyao Board Member

    Board Member: Ng Xinyao

    Alt Advisory